Benefits of Membership

The International Federation of Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering is the only multinational organization developed to foster and coordination the exchange of information throughout the globe. We are an organization of individual membership bodies. With the proliferation of conference regarding heat treatment and surface engineering across the globe, the IFHTSE helps coordinate these conferences among member societies to prevent overlap and crowding of conference schedules.

We are the owners of several well regarded conference series, such as “The International Quenching and Distortion Engineering Conference” and “International Automotive Heat Treatment Conference” which have been held at routine intervals at different international locations.

We offer a network of individuals, groups and societies of experts involved in the critical processes of heat treatment and surface engineering. We encourage membership and active participation in national and regional organizations.

The IFHTSE offers a forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge in a peer-reviewed environment. The availability of internationally recognized members for review and participation in conferences enhances the information/technology transfer of member conferences and symposia.

The Governing Council of the IFHTSE offers an annual opportunity to meet and interact with other members and associations on an equal footing to facilitate international networking and collaboration.

Lastly, the ability to meet members and individuals across the globe who share the same passion for heat treatment and surface engineering. These collaborations contribute to life-long friendships that cross international borders.


While national organizations inevitably focus on national interests and priorities, all aspects must be seen in a global context; the IFHTSE offers ready access to the global network. The advantages to member organizations include:

  • Conferences held by the member association immediately become “International”; with increased participation by the global community.
  • International contacts for International Organizing Committee members are available for assistance in organizing, advertising and participation in the event.
  • Announcements and advertisement are included on the IFHTSE official events list on the website and in the general world calendar of conferences listing.
  • Assistance is provided for the distribution of Calls for Papers and other conference publicity is provided through member societies.
  • All IFHTSE member societies are asked to support the event.
  • Assistance with address lists for promotion internationally
  • Provide international reviewers for papers.
  • Assistance with planning and budgeting
  • Special awards at qualifying events such as the Tom Bell Young Author Award; presentation of IFHTSE Medal and fellowship announcements. Other awards such as IFHTSE Student Paper Awards can be offered to entice students and other participants to attend.
  • Publicity of the event on the IFHTSE webpage, as well as promotion of published conference proceedings
  • International visibility for a member societies aiding individual member retention.


Industrial activity is global – companies are no longer limited to markets within a single country. Member companies have access to a global platform for the publication of scientific and technological advances, as well as the exchange of scientific and technological information. This technology exchange includes:

  • Understanding global training and education standards, as well as international technology standards.
  • IFHTSE offers a framework and efficient interface for industry and the academic world globally, including established and developing markets.
  • Participation in the efficient exchange of information, while providing a platform for product marketing through technical presentations and conference proceedings
  • Exposure to globally available technologies
  • Positive public relations gained by the open commitment to the international surface engineering and heat treatment community