The initiation of the Liquid Quenchant Database project under the leadership the IFHTSE is acknowledged to Prof. Bozidar Liscic (University of Zagreb, Croatia).

The Oil Quenchants analysed in Phase 1 are supported by Mr. Timo Wolfrath in Fuchs Schmierstoffe Gmbh and by Mr. Thorsten Beitz in Petrofer Chemie H.R. Fischer GmbH + Co. KG. The contribution of these companies are highly appreciated.

Special thanks for the community of IFHTSE for the enthusiastic and voluntary work to obtain the testing and computation tasks, namely:

  • Mr. Magnus Lövgren (Swerea IVF, Sweden),
  • Prof. Narayan Prabhu (National Institute of Technology Karnataka, India),
  • David Even (Faurecia Automotive Seating, France),
  • Prof. Lauralice Canale (Universidad de Sao Paulo, Brazil),
  • Prof. Mária Baán Kocsiné (University of Miskolc, Hungary),
  • Prof. Tomislav Filetin (University of Zagreb, Croatia),
  • Prof. Darko Landek (University of Zagreb, Croatia),
  • Dr. Scott McKenzie (Houghton International, Inc., USA),
  • Mr. Kim Is (Bit Buhmwoo Insitute, Korea)
  • Prof. Young Kook Lee (Yonsei University, Korea)
  • Mr. Paul Kozlov (CNIITMASH, Russia).

The website and web application of LQD project is developed by Mr. Gábor Bognár.

The manager of the LQD project was Dr. Imre Felde (Óbuda University, Hungary)