About LQD

The online Liquid Quenchant Database is one of the outcome of the Liquid Quenchant Database (LQD) project.

LQD has been initiated by the International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering (IFHTSE) in 2011. The aim of the project is to establish a comparative database of the cooling intensities of liquid quenchants for use industrially as a selection tool in relation to specific materials, conditions and engineering requirements. The Motivation and Background of LQD is based on the former activities of Liquid Quenching Committee and Gas Quenching Committee of the IFHTSE (I. Felde: Report on IFHTSE Liquid Quenchant Database Project, International Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering, 2014 VOL 8 NO 1, p. 2-7)

The two phases of the project include all the proposed tasks.

Phase 1

The aim of Phase 1 is the development of a database of cooling intensities of different liquid quenchants. The quenchants are characterised by laboratory test methods and by evaluation of heat transfer data in workshop conditions.

Phase 2

The aim of Phase 2 is the further development of mathematical models, and production of adequate software, for prediction of quench hardness, microstructure, stresses and distortion, even in the most difficult.

The activities performed by the IFHTSE community are summarized in