Past Conferences and Events

Conference Period Location
5th Asian Conference on Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering 2016.11.12-2016.11.14 Hangzhou, P. R. China
HK 2016 2016.10.26-2016.10.28 Köln, Germany
International Tooling Conference 2016.10.04-2016.10.07 Bratislava, Slovakia
3rd Mediterranean Conference on Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering 2016.09.26-2016.09.28 Portoroz, Slovenia
Heat Treat Mexico 2016.09.20-2016.09.23 Queretaro, Mexico
10th International Conference “Innovation Technologies of Heat Treatment” 2016.09.13-2016.09.15 Moscow, Russia
4th Symposium on Surface Hardening of Corrosion Resistant Materials 2016.06.22-2016.06.24 La Valletta, Malta
2nd Heat Treatment & Surface Engineering Conference and Expo 2016 2016.05.12-2016.05.14 Chennai, India
3rd International Conference on Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering in Automotive Applications /European Conference on Heat Treatment 2016.05.11-2016.05.13 Prague, Czech Republic
IFHTSE 23rd Congress 2016.04.18-2016.04.22 Savannah, USA
Conference on Chemical Heat Treatment of Metal Surfaces 2015.11.24-2015.11.25 Jihlava, Czech Republic
Heat treatment and surface engineering for tribological performance 2015.11.05-2015.11.06 Tallinn, Estonia
Surface Engineering and Heat Treatment Industry Conference 2015.10.20-2015.10.22 Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
International Conference on Distortion Engineering 2015.09.23-2015.09.25 Bremen, Germany
9th International Specialized Exhibition “Heat Treatment – 2015” 2015.09.15-2015.09.17 Moscow, Russia
A3TS Conference 2015.06.03-2015.06.04 St Etienne, France
22nd IFHTSE Congress / European Conference on Heat Treatment 2015.05.20-2015.05.22 Vencie/Mestre, Italy
25th National Conference on Heat Treatment with International Participation 2014.11.25-2014.11.27 Jihlava, Czech Republic
HK 2014 2014.10.22-2014.10.24 Köln, Germany
HK 2015 2015.10.28-2015.10.30 Köln, Germany
ASM Heat Treatment Society Conference and Exposition 2015.10.20-2015.10.22 Detroit, USA
2nd International Conference on Energy and the Future of Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering 2014.10.11-2014.10.13 Beijing, China
Heat Treatment 2014 Moscow: Exhibition and Conference 2014.09.10-2014.09.12 Moscow, Russia
5th International Conference on Thermal Process Modeling and Computer Simulation 2014.06.16-2014.06.18 Orlando Florida, USA
Steel in cars and trucks 2014.06.15-2014.06.19 Braunschweig, Germany
SMT 28 2014.06.15-2014.06.18 Tampere, Finland
21st Congress IFHTSE combined wih European Conference on Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering 2014.05.12-2014.05.15 Munich, Germany
ICIT & MPT 2014.04.09-2014.04.11 Ljubljana, Slovenia
International Conference on Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials + Exhibition 2014.01.23-2014.01.25 Chennai Tamil Nadu, India
Materials in Heat Treatment 2013.11.26-2013.11.27 Jihlava, Czech Republic
16th International Heat Treatment Exhibition in China 2013.11.25-2013.11.27 Guangzhou, China
21st Conference on Materials and Technology 2013.11.13-2013.11.15 Portoroz, Slovenia