Tooling 2025

The 13th International Tooling Conference will be a continuation of a long established philosophy of providing a forum for practicing engineers and researchers to exchange their ideas and experiences in all aspects in the field of tooling. As well as giving practitioners an opportunity to keep up-to-date in the latest developments in production and application of tooling materials, the conference will also provide an excellent forum for researchers to present their work and enhance it's transformation to industrial application. The upcoming 13th International Tooling Conference will be dedicated to sustainability in the field of tooling.

Tooling 2025


Trento, Italy

Grand Hotel Trento


ASMET, Austria and AIM, Italy


Mon, 24.03.2025 - Thu, 27.03.2025

Abstract Submission: October 1, 2024
Notification of Acceptance: October 30, 2024
Full Paper/ Extended Abstract Submission: December 20, 2024

• Tool materials with higher performance
• Alternative production routes
• Alternative raw materials
• Reducing of the CO2 footprint
• Recycling of tool materials

• Processability of tool materials
• Surface treatment of tool materials
• Refurbishment of tool materials
• Heat treatment of tool materials
• Additive manufacturing of tools

• New technologies
• Improvements in efficiency
• Life-cycle prediction
• Monitoring of damage

To implement the world's ambitious sustainability mission throughout all industrial segments, the entire value chain has to be considered. The 13th International Tooling Conference aims to highlight technologies for sustainable improvements of tooling materials and their application. In addition to the traditional focus areas of alloy development, heat treatment, mechanical properties etc., the conference invites people from academia, supply chain, and product users of the tooling community that highlight technologies that contribute to improve the sustainable production (raw material, circular economy), manufacturability, life-cycle prediction and performance of tooling materials.


Tooling 2025