4th Int'l Conference on HTSE of Tools and Dies

Register for free participation under: http://www.htse-td.com/htse-td/index.shtml! The conference will be held online. Live discussions will follow after the talks.




Chinese Heat Treatment Association


Tue, 26.01.2021 - Wed, 27.01.2021

Tool and die manufacturing is a decisive indicator of manufacturing competitiveness, as tools and dies can directly affect product quality and performance. Since heat treatment and surface treatment is one of the key factors to quality assurance of tools and dies, the 4th International Conference on Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering of Tools and Dies, which covers research and development withinthe scope of heat treatmentand surface treatment of tools and dies, ranging from materials and technologies to essential equipment, will be held online, hosted by China Heat Treatment Association (CHTA) with support from the International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering (IFHTSE). The conference aims to boost the progress of advanced heat treating and surface treating technologies and equipment for tools and dies, and to improve the reliability and service life of products. The organizing committee kindly invites you to submit abstracts and manuscripts to any tool- and die-related topic.